BEST Facts...

- BEST Robotics Inc. (BRI) is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization headquartered at Auburn University
- Schools participate at no cost - there is no fee
- Any school may participate regardless of socioeconomic status, size, or location. Public, private, and home school groups are welcomed to participate.
- Engineers, Business and other technical professionals from local industries serve as team mentors
- Over 3500 volunteers help run the local competitions and regional championships by serving as event personnel, judges, and team mentors

As a result of participating in BEST, students...
- Understand the practical use of math concepts and applied physics
- Solve real-world science and engineering problems, training that is transferable to all academic disciplines and career pursuits
- Gain an increased interest in engineering, math, and science
- Understand what engineers do - the engineering profession is "demystified"
- Experience "design-to-market" product development & receive recognition and acclaim typically reserved for their peers in sports

Students become competentand confident in...

- Abstract Thinking
- Self-Directed Learning
- Teamwork
- Project Management
- Decision-Making
- Problem-Solving
- Leadership